Refashion: Cap-toe Glitter Flats

I’ve been on a bit of a glitter kick lately, adding just a bit of sparkle to my life. So when I saw these Kenneth Cole glitter flats, I knew I wanted them. They were a little too expensive, though, so I made my own!

I picked up a pair of gray flats at H&M  for $12.95, some glitter and glossy Mod Podge from Joann’s, and a paintbrush from my stash, and got started. These have a suede-ish texture, but I imagine it would work with patent shoes too.

Plain shoes

Plain shoes

I taped off my shoes at the sole and on the top where I wanted the cap toe.

All taped off

All taped off

Then I mixed the glitter with Mod Podge in a plastic tray — I used maybe 2 tbsp of glitter and 2.5 tablespoons of Mod Podge.



I brushed on the first coat and let it dry. The coverage was too thin, so I repeated this step until the glitter was opaque, letting the shoes dry between coats. It took me about 4 coats before the shoes were done.

First coat, still wet

First coat, still wet

To seal the glitter, I sprayed clear gloss enamel (it looks like a can of spray paint) onto the glittered toe and let it dry.


Then I removed the tape, using an exacto knife to score it (do this really lightly and carefully so you don’t cut through the shoes!) so the tape would leave a clean line.


Taking these shoes from plain to sparkly for less than $20 = success!


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